Apple & Lemongrass Iced Tea with Pear

Apple & Lemongrass Iced Tea with Pear

The muted flavourings of Apple & Lemongrass tea provide a fine balance to the soft taste of pear. Indulge in a glass or two next time you have friends over for a casual lunch date.
Serving suggestion: Whip up a cool, lazy pitcher of this beverage over a shared lunch with your besties.

Prep: 5 min | Servings: 4-6


  • 20 cubesIce
  • 1 large pitcherFUZE Crisp Apple & Lemongrass Tea
  • 4 slicesPear
  • 4 leaves for garnishMint


  1. Fill a carafe with ice.

  2. Add FUZE Crisp Apple & Lemongrass Tea and sliced pear.

  3. Garnish with mint leaves