Peach & Ginger Fusion

Peach & Ginger Fusion

Set your taste buds alight with calming ginger tones all mixed up with peach tea. This wondrous meeting of flavours is just right for relaxing with friends on the deck.
Serving suggestion: Ideally sipped slowly from a large chilled glass as conversation flows.

Prep: 5 min | Servings: 1


  • 1/2 dozen cubesIce
  • 1 tall glassFUZE Black Tea Peach
  • 2 sliced wedgesPeaches
  • 3 pieces for garnishCandied ginger


  1. Spoon a generous portion of ice into a glass.

  2. Combine FUZE Juicy Peach Black Tea and peach wedges.

  3. Give it a swish around and pop in candied ginger for garnish.